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5 Signs That You May Need Gallbladder Surgery

 5 Signs That You May Need Gallbladder Surgery

There’s little reason to pay attention to your gallbladder as long as it’s working properly. However, this small organ can cause numerous problems when issues arise.

Andrew J. Rochman, MD, located in Plainview, New York, is an expert in minimally invasive surgeries, including gallbladder removal. Whenever possible, Dr. Rochman treats health problems with the most conservative therapies available. But, there are times when surgery offers the best solution, especially for gallbladder issues.

Is your gallbladder causing problems? Here’s when you could need surgery.

What it means to remove your gallbladder

No one wants to lose an organ. However, you can live a long and healthy life without your gallbladder. This little organ stores the bile your liver makes until you eat. At that point, it releases the bile to help break down and absorb fat. 

When your gallbladder functions correctly, you don’t even notice it. But, when things go wrong, it can trigger significant pain and other complications. When your symptoms don’t respond to medication or dietary treatment, surgery can provide a lasting solution.

Fortunately, you can still digest food normally without this bile storage system. Instead, bile continues going to your small intestine, but you don’t have any stored in reserve.

When to remove the gallbladder

Dr. Rochman often recommends gallbladder removal for five reasons.

1. Choledocholithiasis

One common gallbladder disorder involves the formation of gallstones or small concentrations of bile. They can form anywhere bile flows, including the common bile duct — a disorder known as choledocholithiasis — which causes blockages or other gallbladder symptoms.

2. Severe or chronic gallbladder symptoms

Gallbladder disorders cause a variety of uncomfortable issues, such as:

Whether you have severe gallbladder symptoms once or ongoing problems, they could make you a good candidate for surgery.

3. Biliary dyskinesia

This issue occurs when your gallbladder no longer moves bile correctly, causing it to back up in the organ.

4. Cholecystitis

This gallbladder disorder occurs when the organ becomes inflamed, swollen, or infected, often because of a gallstone blockage. Not only is cholecystitis incredibly painful, but it can become a recurring problem with a serious risk for complications. 

5. Pancreatitis

Gallstones can also put another organ at risk, the pancreas. This organ connects to the start of the small intestine, where it makes and releases digestive enzymes and hormones. Gallstones can lead to irritation and inflammation, putting you at risk for lasting problems and permanent damage.

What to expect from gallbladder surgery

If you have gallbladder symptoms, Dr. Rochman can help determine if surgery is the best solution. He offers on-site diagnostics, including imaging tests, hydroxy iminodiacetic acid (HIDA) scans, and special lab assessments to evaluate enzymes and liver function.

After reaching a diagnosis, Dr. Rochman outlines a personalized treatment strategy to ease your symptoms and protect your overall health. 

When surgery is the best solution, Dr. Rochman uses laparoscopic techniques whenever possible. This specialized approach allows him to remove the gallbladder by making small incisions, which causes minimal trauma. The result? Minimal scarring, fewer risks, and a fast recovery time.

In some cases, Dr. Rochman must perform a traditional “open” surgery to remove the gallbladder. 

Whether you have laparoscopic or open surgery, you have to follow some dietary changes after your procedure. In most cases, they involve slowly reintroducing high-fiber foods and limiting fat calories to 30% or less of your diet. 

No matter what, Dr. Rochman provides detailed guidelines to ensure you know what to expect every step.

Do you have gallbladder symptoms? Find effective treatment options by calling 516-980-5761 or booking an appointment online with the practice of Andrew J. Rochman, MD, today.

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