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Vein Care Specialist

Andrew J. Rochman, MD -  - General Surgery

Andrew J. Rochman, MD

General Surgery & Alternative Medicine located in Plainview, NY

As many as 30 million people in the United States have a vein disorder. To protect the health of your veins, you need to understand how to care for them and prevent conditions, like varicose veins and venous insufficiency. As an expert in vein care, Andrew J. Rochman, MD, offers both preventive resources and treatments for vein-related conditions at his Plainview, New York, office. Learn more about available vein care solutions by calling the office or request an appointment online now.

Vein Care Q & A

What are the common vein disorders?

Healthy veins carry blood throughout your body, even to your heart and lungs. In order to ensure your body has the blood and oxygen it needs to thrive, you need to be proactive about caring for your veins.

Without proper care and due to underlying medical issues, your veins can become unhealthy and may cause you discomfort or pain. Common conditions that affect your veins include:

Varicose veins

Varicose veins are enlarged, bulging veins usually in the legs that form when weak valves allow blood to flow backward and pool in the vein. These large veins can cause leg heaviness and pain.

Spider veins

Spider veins develop the same way varicose veins do, except they are milder and generally don’t cause pain.

Venous insufficiency

Venous insufficiency is a condition that develops when the valves or walls of your veins become weak and no longer work properly. This makes it difficult for blood to travel to your heart from your legs.

While not everyone experiences pain or other symptoms of a vein disorder, you may develop pain that interferes with your quality of life. You may also wish to address spider and varicose veins for cosmetic reasons. 

If you have venous insufficiency, you may need vein care treatment to prevent serious health complications, including stroke, blood clots, and even premature death.

What vein care services are available?

As an experienced vein specialist, Dr. Rochman offers comprehensive vein care services to diagnose and treat existing vein problems. He offers: 


A phlebectomy removes damaged surface veins using a local anesthetic and tiny incisions. 

Endovenous laser ablation

Endovenous laser ablation is a minimally invasive procedure that uses laser technology to destroy varicose and other damaged veins.


AccuVein uses infrared light to identify the exact location of damaged veins that cause spider veins. By pinpointing the root cause of spider veins, injectable treatments are more accurate and effective. 


Sclerotherapy is a minimally invasive procedure that involves the injection of a special chemical into the affected vein. This causes the damaged vein to die off while your blood flow reroutes to healthier veins nearby.

How can I prevent varicose veins and other vein disorders?

Dr. Rochman provides comprehensive preventive care resources to protect the health of your veins, especially as you get older or if you have an underlying medical condition that affects your vein health. 

To protect your veins, Dr. Rochman can recommend lifestyle changes like quitting smoking and getting daily exercise. You may also need to wear compression stockings to help improve blood flow from your legs to your heart.

To learn more about available vein care services, schedule a consultation online now or call the office of Andrew J. Rochman, MD, for more information.